Die Klingenschmiede

From back then until today

For centuries, the iron and metal processing has been an integral part of the industrial development in the area of Weiz. Around 1400 the first and oldest hammers in Weiz were built. In 1712, the bladesmith Josef Mosdorfer came from Bayern to Weiz and married the widow Anna Lehr, who already produced sabers and blades at the hammer in Weiz. 12 generations of the family Mosdorfer shaped the development of the company, which still exists today.

Gunther Knill already initiated the first Museum in the 1980s. His declared aim was to repurchase old blades, sickles and hoes of Mosdorfer and preserve it for posterity. In 2012 the museum was renovated and revitalized by his two sons Christian and Georg Knill to an interactive experience and re-opened during the 300 year celebrations of the Knill Gruppe.

In October 2013, the association "Friends of the Klingenschmiede" was founded. Since then it promotes and supports the work of the museum.